Our main Server are located at data centers at 1373 Broad St Clifton, NJ 07013 - USA. have very fast backbones (DS3 - 45MBPS) from Level3 and MCI. All server are monitored 24 x 7 x 365. Every server is checked every 5 minutes by software.
If any service is down on server, software automatically try to start down service (example apache, sendmail, mysql server etc.).

If server do not response for next 5 minutes an alert is sent to network administrators terminal. If server do not response for more then 30 minutes pager alert is sent to us and also to administrators.

Network Details:
2 Juniper routers SMF Oc12 - M10`s Core Switch Cisco catalyst 6506.

Network Providers:
AT&T (Gig-E - 1 Gig E uplink) - 1000 Mbps
200 MBPS Trunk uplink - Qwest, Level3, Williams and UUnet
The bandwidth is basicly unlimited now since the peering and carrier hotels fall into place.

Routers Cisco Powered Network Hardware
Generators UPS Systems Backed by Diesel Generators
Fire Suspension Co2
Processor P4 3.0 GHz
Memory 1000 + MB
Backups Weekly and Daily* Backups
Security 24 x 7 Security Guards at every Data Center with Eye + Thumb Scanners +
24 x 7 Security Camera Monitoring
Operating System Red Hat Linux Enterprise and CentOS
Kernel Latest Secure Kernel
PHP, Perl, MySQL Always Latest and Stable Release
Our back-up server is located at Glenside PA, USA. We have more or less 18,000 domain name registered in over 33 countries around the world on this server. Generally, we have total of 200 servers from USA, Canada and India, and one of them is Syntality a class A facility server. We provide 99.98% up time guarantee, 24/7 open server and reliable hosting provider with complete guide of our technical support team.
» Standing Above The Rest
Accessibility -- immediate accessibility -- distinguishes Rougarai System Technologies in the industry. This is absolute, real-time dedicated hosting. Our unique control panel gives you access to manage your site instantly and easily. You get the essential flexibility you need to access, update and change your sites.
» Necessary Tools
Providing you with the resources you need to succeed is our mission. Around the country, Rougarai System Technologies data centers are continuously monitored as we work to protect the security of your data, using the absolute best technology available.
Our products and services are solution-oriented. Our network backbone provides direct Internet connections to keep you working and your information moving.
» Scalable Solutions
Rougarai System Technologies has a huge variety of hosting solutions, with each and every solution committed to meeting your demands -- from dedicated and shared hosting with managed service to connectivity options.

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