The World Wide Web is the fastest growing market the world has ever seen. Today it reaches about 35,000,000 people and is growing at a rapid rate. It is a market that is ripe for a visionary business to attain success like never before. To make your business grow and prosper, having the right web site is just as important as having the right product and / or service, setting the right price, and reaching and holding the right customer.
Designing a site consists of many different elements. You want your site designed in a fashion that is easy for your customer to negotiate and pleasing to the eye. It should clearly present what your customer is looking for. We are here to help you do that. It's important for your site to be attractive yet fast loading. You want your potential customer to be able to find what he or she needs and quickly.
Here’s how a web site designed by Rougarai System Technologies can help you build and maintain a profitable base of satisfied customers:

     Generate immediate customers – we will attractively display and advertise your company / sales / services for      immediate response. Attract clients and build awareness with a memorable web site.

     Build creditability for your business – give your web site a reliable and dependable aura. Provide qualified leads you      can turn into customers. Provide helpful information to potential buyers and turn them into customers.

     Provide instant access to company/product information – a quickly and fully informed customer remains a customer.      Use a very cost-effective marketing research to track your cost-per-sale.
Save your dollars on printing and mailing costs. Update your customers on new products and services – make them repeat customers. Devise a page counter – tells you how often your web site was visited. Provide an information request form – an inexpensive way to enable you to gather more know-how about your customers. Incorporate a product order form (with or without card processing) – makes it easier for your customer to order from you. Register your web site with as many as 350 search engines and directories – that’s almost like being in everybody’s home with your company’s product / service.

Publish your company’s web site in appropriate media – the more exposures you get, the more sales you can expect. Advertise your web site on other frequently visited web sites – an additional way to increase your customer base. Get other companies to sponsor your company’s web site – reduces your cost and gives your customers a non-competitive service. Choose your own domain name, i.e.:  (or similar) – gives you instant recognition. Publish and maintain your web site on your own computer or let us "do it all" for you – if you let us do it, you can concentrate on what you do best (serving your customers) and we do what we do best (getting more customers for you). 

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