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Welcome to PUERTO GALERA DIVE, the most comprehensive portal website of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. PGDive provides you the lists of resorts, hotels, dive centers and other establishments. Giving you the highlights and what's new in Puerto Galera and the islands of Mindoro.

PuertoGaleraDive.com was created for local and international tourists, divers and travelers to provide the latest information about Puerto Galera. We work as an extensive online catalog connecting the resorts / dive operators and the travelers and serve as an online travel guide to know more about Puerto Galera before you go. There are many great local travel deals.


The first tourism "explosion" came after an article and photographs of a German backpacker appeared in a German magazine with one of the largest circulation in Europe. This catapulted Puerto Galera into the consciousness of every European household, from Scandinavia to Greece, fueling the tourism exodus from the West. The backpackers were followed by expatriates who mingled with the locals to develop better cottages and restaurants. Overnight, its tourism infrastructure developed. A decade after, with the rise of Boracay as rival, there was a lull as Puerto Galera passed through the eye of the tourism storm.

Now, in its second "explosion" due to the award, Puerto Galera may not necessarily rival, but complement Boracay as its "twin" prime tourism destination in the Philippines. Whereas Boracay has one vast panoramic beach of talc-fine snow-white sand, Puerto Galera has dozens of protected coves with ancient coral gardens and rare marine species. It also has a rich history, being along the trade corridor of the Manila-Acapulco galleons, and being an ancient port where Chinese traders bartered Ming vases for native gold since prehistory.

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Puerto Galera, one of the oldest Spanish settlements in the Philippines, was founded in 1572, becoming the first provincial capital on Mindoro Island. It is situated on the northern peninsula of the island, approximately 160 km from Manila. As early as the 10th century, Chinese, Malay and Indonesian merchants were already doing business with local traders, and Puerto Galera is where the replenished their provisions.

Mindoro Island is separated from Luzon by the Verde Island Passage. Waters are flushed by the current of the South China Sea, resulting in strong currents of up to 6 knots. This makes the area well known for its spectacular, exhilarating drift dives. The Verde Island Passage is very deep so clear water is very common to the dive sites of Puerto Galera, along with a fantastic variety of underwater flora and fauna. 

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PUERTO GALERA : "One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World"

Beautiful Bays

Puerto Galera has recently hit the international tourism limelight, given the "The Most Beautiful Bay in the World" award for 2005 by the UNESCO, following its presentation in Agadir, Morocco last November 2004. Puerto Galera is the 32nd bay worldwide to get the award and the third in Southeast Asia after Nha Trang Bay and Along Bay in Vietnam.

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Visiting Puerto Galera 
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Windsurfing Competition - a February event full of fun filled racing delighting residents and visiting spectators who had come from all corners of the country.

De Galera Festival (May 10-12), street dancing, cultural show, beauty contest, singing contest, food fair, grand parade. These are some of exciting events lined up during this tourism celebration.

Kaaldawan Iraya (Celebrated every 3rd week of October), highlights are culture and tradition of Mangyan Iraya, our local ethnic group.

Bathub Regatta, a competition of constructing and building paddled boats with obscured shapes and colorful designs made from any available materials. The race is called "Bangka Hirit".

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